Level Up! Fox Byte is upgrading!

We are excited to tell you all that we are leveling up! Fox Byte Games is rapidly growing, and it is only natural that there will be upgrades.

This is the beginning of a whole new chapter in the evolution of Fox Byte Games, and we would like to bring you along with us on this great new adventure.

Over the past year we have been working tirelessly on with expanding our company as well as several other projects. And now, for the first time in our four-year journey, we are finally ready to increase our Fox Byte family. We are hiring new full-time staff!

If this is an opportunity that interests, you. Find out more here!


You might have noticed, there has been quite a few changes happening around here. It is time to give ourselves a fresh new look! With a brand-new logo and website, so much has been going on, and we would like to share with you all the story behind these updates and what they mean for us and for our community.

As a small indie game studio, we would wish that all that we do is creating video games. It is what we love to do after all. But sometimes it can be easy to sometimes forget about the business part running a studio. So,while going through all the hoops and responsibilities it takes to start the hiring process, we were also able to take a good look at ourselves as a company.

It took us a fair bit of research and development to find what exactly makes up Fox Byte, what we stand for, our vision and our values. Our primary goal during this rebrand was about improving our current principles, rather than changing them. The biggest change of them all has been the new and improved Fox Byte logo, bringing a more vibrant and playful look while still keeping the pixel polygon look, we have come to love. Hoping this new look will steer our brand on our journey into the unknown!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support as we are looking forward to even crazier years to come!